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  • Chloe Woods

Banish the beige: Why colourful interiors aren’t as scary as you think

Colour is a powerful tool that can transform a space from dull to delightful, from chaotic to harmonious. Yet we're often scared of how to approach colour, settling for bright furniture or a feature wall to add interest.

An easy and effective way to add colour to a room is through the use of a monochromatic colour scheme.

First, let's define what monochromatic is. Despite what most think, monochromatic isn't Black and White (that's Achromatic). Mono = single, chroma = colour. Monochromatic color schemes are based on a single color and its various shades, tones, and tints. This design approach allows you to play with the lightness and darkness of a color while keeping everything within the same color family - stay tuned - I'll explain all!

1. Playing with Shades and Tones

One of the exciting aspects of monochromatic design is the ability to experiment with the various shades and tones of a single color. For instance, a monochromatic room might feature pale blue walls, grey blue carpeting, and rich navy accents. These subtle variations in colour add depth and interest to the room without overwhelming the senses.

2. Creating Visual Interest

Yes, Monochrome is simple but it's far from dull. In fact, using a single color allows you to introduce various textures, patterns, and materials to create layers of visual interest. Think about incorporating different fabrics, finishes, and textiles in your chosen color to add depth and variety to your space. Choose artwork that matches the vibe and includes some of the tints and shades from your monochromatic scheme.

3. The Role of Accents

Accents play a pivotal role in monochromatic design. They provide balance and prevent a space from feeling too one-dimensional. Wooden floors or metallic furnishing can be used as highlights to add sophistication to your design. For instance, pairing a pale wood floor with soft a turquoise can create an airy, coastal aesthetic, while rich gold accessories can introduce a sense of drama to a space dominated by deep blues. Pops of contrasting colour in wall hung artwork create impactful focal points.

4. Bringing it to life

Picture a lounge with soft oceanic turquoises, rich velour furniture, a pale wood floor and golden accents. Add a pop of colour with coordinating artwork and the monochromatic colour scheme

creates a tranquil, coastal-inspired space.

The magic of monochrome is the ease with which you can apply the principles that will elevate the style of your space. So, don't be afraid to embrace the beauty of a single hue and let it work its magic in your interior.

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