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  • Chloe Woods

Art isn’t important, get a real job!

It’s frivolous time wasting for people with their head in the clouds, who don’t know how to apply themselves.

I’m trying to gauge the room - is this what people really think? I recall the controversy over government posters that seemed to suggest that ballet dancers should retrain in cyber security rather than wait around for the Arts industry to pick up again.

But here’s the thing, I can vividly recall the hairs standing up on the back of my neck when Bocelli hit a certain note at Wembley, and beaming from ear to ear throughout a Classical Star Wars concert - awesome soundtrack played by a full orchestra - A..MA..ZING!

3 people, with their back to the camera, wave their arms in the air. There's a crowd and a sunset in the background, it feels like a music festival vibe.
Find Joy in the things you love

I have the fondest childhood memories of belly laughing and shouting “Oh No He Isn’t!” at the likes of Les Dawson, Danny La Rue and Brian Conley in Pantomime.

Sobbing at James McAvoy in 3 Days of Rain and again in his live theatre stream of Cyrano de Bergerac to my local cinema (one of the good things to come out of the pandemic!).

Or getting told off by the Security Guard at the Van Gogh museum for reaching toward a painting .. .the impasto was so deep I just wanted to touch it (can you imagine?! I was 18 at the time so please forgive me!)

All of these massive reactions came from my interaction with the Arts, vividly experiencing the full gamut of human emotion!

I’m sure you have similar stories too.

But maybe your stories aren’t linked to the Arts.

Maybe your strongest emotions are linked to sports, animals or food?

But I truly hope that, if you have ever been so moved by something you love, whether it’s Music, Theatre, Sunday League or Sunday lunch .. you wouldn’t trade those feelings for the world, and you wouldn’t deny anyone else access to experience or deliver those wonderful emotions.


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