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Small Originals

Small Originals are either miniature 5x5cm frames or postcard size 14x18cm frames.  Each piece is individually painted on watercolour paper using waterproof pigment ink pens, watercolours, as well as fluorescent and metallic watercolours, which give a subtle shimmer as they catch the light.


Techniques vary from precisely cut squares of watercolour paper, to lovely, textured, torn edges. Sometimes the subject is drawn first and colour added after, other times colour is loosely applied to multiple squares, then the drawing is added and refined in pen and wash. Check out this video on Instagram to see a snapshot of the miniatures process (opens in a new window).

Each small artwork is individually framed in either a hanging frame with recycled fabric/twine tie or in a standing frame with a small wire stand - have a look at the individual product photos to check sizes and see more details. Each painting is hand titled and signed by Chloe.


Online shop will return early Spring with new stock - join my private email list for early bird access and other benefits, you can sign up here.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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